Vivian Perry - Vocalist / Arrangements

Vivian became enchanted by the stories told by the characters of the Great American Songbook, and began singing with jazz pianists and combos in the Bay area, forming the Vivian Perry Quartet performing the cabaret show “Easy to Love”. Vivian performed at Burning Man, where her "Elegant Camp" inspired the notion of theme camps, and she created a jazz club complete with hardwood dance floor and fountain called CAFE EPHEMERA at Burning Man in 1996, "cool jazz for a Burning Man" Her partnership with Christopher Johnson is an unexpected but delightful result of a friendship formed through annual piano appointments, exchanging techniques and new chops to hear the new tuning, discovering a shared pleasure in piano jazz. Vivian says: “Working with Chris is such a delight…he’s so inventive and creative, and we laugh a lot! I always feel energized by our rehearsals”

Christopher Johnson - Pianist/ Composer

Christopher Johnson started playing music in his teens with acoustic guitar -- singing and composing songs in the folk music idiom. He played electric guitar and sang in rock bands in high school and continued professionally until age 30, when his interest in rock music ebbed and fascination with jazz piano began. Having learned the craft of piano tuning and acquired a B.A. in music composition, Christopher's musical landscape changed and he found himself at the keyboard of a piano most of the day. "It was nice to play through some jazz standards after tuning and servicing the pianos -- a well tuned and voiced piano is so inspiring -- and some clients would ask me where they could go and listen to me play. I actually got some gigs that way!" His friend, vocalist Vivian Perry suggested teaming up. Christopher tried it and was hooked. "I didn't think accompanying a singer was something I ever wanted to do, but it's really fun -- a great partnership -- and Vivian's concepts are compatible with mine. There's a lot of give and take. We both love standards and have found some that are not covered very often. In addition, I'm hoping to do some writing for this duo, maybe something with Vivian's words and my music."